Mentor, Coach, Investor
Asset Wealth Expert

I mentor successful entrepreneurs to generate profound personal wealth utilizing their existing companies to do so. A 9-figure entrepreneur and investor, my extensive business experience and unique and proven strategies can make you asset wealthy, without spending time on revenue-generation.

My purpose is to help you work smarter, not harder.

To date I have founded or co-founded over 20 entities, exceeding $300 million in revenue and $50 million in net worth. Of my 20+ entities, 13 have achieved 7 figures in annual revenue within their first three years, with two making it to 8 figures and one to 9 figures. I have successfully exited 7 businesses to date. My entrepreneurial investments range across entertainment, events, personal development, wine making, commercial and residential real estate, media, and investing – and regardless of the industry, my little known strategies can leverage any receivables business into becoming a true wealth-generator.

My superpower is my ability to help people leverage their businesses to amplify personal wealth

As an Attribute Investor, I also run two Bliss Investment Funds where I support an elite handful of entrepreneurs across a range of industries to monetize their bliss in creative ways. Not your typical angel investor or venture capitalist, I base my decisions on whether the entrepreneur possesses a particular set of attributes rather than their pedigree. My guiding principle as an investor is – win my heart and you will gain access to my treasures, which includes not just capital but my generosity and wealth of entrepreneurial experience as a mentor.

I know the secret to generating value from underutilized assets

I’m also the co-author of Purpose Code: Maximize Your Joy & Astound Yourself, a book that demystifies ancient wisdom and modern truths to reveal the most effective step-by-step system for discovering your real purpose and achieving limitless joy.

Eric is a true anomoly in the mentoring game.

Eric is a true anomoly in the mentoring game.

Most coaches and mentors are very capable of helping drive a client towards a goal, but those who are truly great are able to find a genius strategy that brings joy, wealth and extraordinary growth – AND move the client towards that vision. Eric can do this – and has proven it over and over and over again. Any high level entrepreneur who is achieving results, but not true wealth or joy should work with Eric. He is a true genius who will take greatness and elevate it to a truly extraordinary place.


I work with only a select handful of entrepreneurs at any given time. If you’re a successful, revenue-focused entrepreneur looking to create true personal wealth without needing to rely on increasing your top-line revenue, I invite you to apply to speak with me.