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Are you a successful, revenue-focused entrepreneur looking to make the shift from being a creator of sales to a creator of wealth and limitless joy?

I can show you how to create substantial wealth and joy without spending ONE MINUTE on increasing your top-line revenue. My Asset Wealth Playbook, alongside my support and coaching on how to place a higher value on joy, creates a perfectly tailored solution to your business and life, calibrated to bring in a staggering ROI.


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eric inspired me to find

my true potential inside

eric inspired me to find my true potential inside

Eric inspired me just like he has with thousands of other students to find my true potential inside and really go for it! He taught us to find our inner confidence and dream, and once we identify our dreams, we find purpose and powerful meaning in our lives which gives us the energy to accomplish everything! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Eric

- David Tal, CEO of

My name is Eric Lochtefeld and my expertise is helping entrepreneurs leverage their receivables businesses to build long-lasting, meaningful wealth and limitless joy.

A 9-figure entrepreneur with over 20 businesses to my name, I’ve learned that true business success pushes beyond generating revenue. There’s a level above that … and I know exactly how to reach it.

Using my own unique and proven strategies, I can teach you to leverage your receivables business to create true, lasting personal wealth and far greater joy than you are currently experiencing.

My investment tactics have helped transform my own biggest expenses into wealth-generators for me, with my asset wealth portfolio surpassing $50 million in net worth, thanks to my Asset Wealth strategy. The best part is that I did not require substantial revenues to achieve this.

Now, I work with a small number of selected entrepreneurs to turn their businesses from revenue generators into wealth creators, to create substantial and lasting personal wealth.

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I generate profound wealth by creating Asset Wealth Playbooks for receivables businesses, without spending one minute worrying about increasing your top line revenues to do it. My business strategies specialize in taking companies from $0 to millions in asset ownership in a very short period of time, creating true personal wealth for entrepreneurs. How do I do it? By:

Owning a high-revenue enterprise doesn’t necessarily equal long-term wealth for you as a business owner. I’ll show you how to transform your financial future for the better, before it’s too late!


Eric's Asset Wealth program was by far the best investment I've made in ten years of business.

Eric's Asset Wealth program was by far the best investment I've made in ten years of business.

Eric is a vast wellspring of strategic brilliance when it comes to thinking about wealth creation in a new way. Not only did I learn strategies and tactics that I’m applying right now toward my current real estate purchase, but the strategic thinking I gained from him will continue to pay huge dividends in the years to come. His fresh perspective and paradigm-shifting strategies are must-have for any entrepreneur, in my opinion, and bring an entirely new lens to everything I’ve ever learned from any business coach, accountant, bookkeeper, or financial planner. I know that years from now I will look back and see the clear delineation between “Before Eric” and “After Eric” in my balance sheet, thanks to all that I’ve just learned from him.